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  • Luis. F. Vivero 1.31 y Sánchez de Orellana Latacunga, Ecuador
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About Hostal Tiana

Hostal Café Tiana ‘a home away from home’ opened our doors in September 2007 and we are strategically located in the colonial center of Latacunga, Ecuador capital of the province of Cotopaxi, in one of the city’s oldest homes. We are close to many interesting tourist destinations for our beloved guests.

Our Latacunga hostel (hotel Latacunga) has a neoclassical republican style which has been designed and carefully restored thinking of satisfying the needs of our travelers. Good service and comfort find a perfect equilibrium and you will always be attended by the warm hospitality of its owners.

Breakfast is served between 7:00am and 10:00am. Enjoy good coffee, desserts, empanadas, cookies and homeade appetizers.  We always have delicious homeade treats for you including apple pie, cookies and empanadas for sale!

Internet: WIFI and landline computers are available with internet connections for our clients.

Taxi Express: If you wish we can arrange a private or shared taxi for travel to Quito.

Airlines: If you require an airline in or outside the city we can also help you find your best option.

Book exchange: Relax in our common living room with a book, we have the only book exchange in Latacunga. The only hotel central Latacunga where you can exchange books for free.

Where to go: We have lots of information so you can travel to various sites such as bus schedules, and we can help you plan your trip in the province or in all of Ecuador.

Onward reservations: We can help you with reservations for your next destination. Let us know where your traveling to and we can recommend a good spot or we can call any place you elect.

What to do in Latacunga, Excursions:  Hostal Café Tiana works with Tovar Expeditions Cía. Ltda. to organize adventures with security that transform into unforgettable experiences to the destination of your choice (Cotopaxi, Lake Quilotoa, Illinizas, Chimborazo, Cayambe, Antizana or excursions that adjust to your need).

Continuing there is more information about the different tour options. If you like, we can help you to create an acclimation plan, that will give you greater possibility of reaching the summit of the mountain that you desire.

Lodging: The delicate decor of the 12 rooms of our hostel invite you to rest and enjoy our ample installations. Surrender to the comfort and enjoyment of a pleasant stay in Hostal Tiana.

Equipment: Wish to travel and don’t know where to leave your equipment? Dont worry, in Hostal Tiana we have the solution. If you stay with us the first day you leave your backpack its free, next day the price is $1 per backpack/ per day. If you do not stay with us you can leave your backpack at the price of $2.00 per day.

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Hostal Tiana | Latacunga, Cotopaxi

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