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At only 2.5 hours from Latacunga (110km) we can find the municipality of San Agustín of Angamarca, which belongs to the canton of Pujilí, of the province of Cotopaxi. This beautiful and magical place forms part of the Quilotoa Loop and its a new destination that we invite you to discover. Traveling through the golden reeds of the Western Andes you can find spectacular Andean landscapes that will leave you breathless, surrounded by mountains and nice people. Angamarca is a town full of charm, with traditions deeply rooted. You can have direct contact with nature, living very restful and relaxing moments surrounded completely by fresh air. Discover a magical place free of stress, it will be a unique experience. You can see the Andean Condor, the Spectacled Bear and begin various hikes to many places in the Quilotoa Loop.

Culture is the soul of the towns, and therefore, the importance of the realization of the folkloric and traditional party of ‘Los Caporales de Angamarca’ (The foremen of Angamarca), whose festivities is the ultimate expression of local folklore and is already considered heritage for including original cultural roots in the indigenous town of Angamarca. The festival of the ‘caporales’ held in the municipality of Angamarca would appear to be very traditional inside of the cultural values of the town and the province of Cotopaxi. It definitely contributes in the construction of the identity of the Angamarcan man. In this sense, this festival holds lots of merit and qualifies to declare itself as Intangible Heritage for its containing historic folklore, and tradition that reflects the ancestral solidarity and coexistence among humans. The festival of ‘Los Caporales de Angamarca’ enables the dramatization of various ancient traditional activities that in the past constitute a form of survival of its habitants with activities of subsistence that the ancients performed to provide food to their families. The realization of the festival of the caporales concentrates massively in the native land of the children of Angamarca, in which sharing with family, friends, countrymen and visitors is a privilege. The spread of this folkloric tradition permits promoting the name Angamarca and that its cultural values and identity are valued. This festival is celebrated during Christmas in the month of December.

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